Unemployment is a major concern in Europe with over 26 million people currently unemployed with in the EU. Discover what the European Parliament is doing to improve the situation.

Some of the information in the video includes:
- Youth employment currently stands at 23.4%
- Details about the ‘Youth Guarantee Scheme’
- Over 14.5 billion to be invested in schemes to help unemployment

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The “Personal Brand” Myth

I was asked recently to do a workshop at a local college on branding. I agreed with the intention of talking about branding as a meta-concept. Little did I know, that the talk was pre-titled as a part of a larger ongoing series… and the title of the talk I was booked to do was, “Creating Your Own Brand.” My initial reaction was, admittedly, repulsion.

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How to Promote Yourself (Without Being Sleazy)
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Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Have Some Powerful Career Advice

Chairman and CEO of Xerox Ursula Burns speaks onstage at the FORTUNE Most Powerful Women Summit on October 17, 2013 in Washington, DC. ©Paul Morigi/Getty Images

How can you enjoy your job if you don’t feel stimulated and challenged?
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Taking Care of Yourself, Then Business

Ps. Our MD will like this post ;)

Marriott International

When I was a 13-year-old in the 8th grade, I went out for the track team. I was young and small for my grade, barely above five feet tall and maybe 100 pounds, dripping wet. I should have had low expectations, but I remember like yesterday the embarrassment of losing to a girl in the 180-yard low hurdles. Especially in that era, it was a tough lesson for a fragile male ego.
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33 % des connexions à LinkedIn s’effectuent déjà à partir des mobiles


Fort de 6 millions de membres en France, le réseau social LinkedIn connaît une croissance exponentielle à travers le monde. A l’occasion des dix ans de la plateforme cotée en bourse, Xavier Oliel, directeur commercial Talent Solutions pour la France, dresse un premier bilan de l’année 2013 et aborde quelques perspectives d’avenir.

2013 est-elle une bonne année pour LinkedIn ?

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How to Write a Great Message to Passive Candidates

r58-120x120 Virtual recruitment on job boards or professional communities often involves the opportunity to contact qualified passive candidates with information about career opportunities. People with certain skills are in very high demand, and those who frequent professional forums are likely to be inundated with messages from recruiters and hiring managers.
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Remember what never to say….


Interviews are probably the most challenging part of the job search process. You need to be ready for anything, including weird interview questions.You don’t want to blurt out something inappropriate and send all of your hard work down the toilet. Avoid these inappropriate comments during your interview:
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Investing in Women’sEmployment

Investing in women’s employment is key to unlocking growth in emerging markets. Learn more in this new report:

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It’s time to put girls at the center of development

Do you remember your favorite toy as a child? Your first day at school? Your first love? The moment you clearly felt you’d become an adult?
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Pakistani quakes leave scientists debating tech’s role

In the wake of a series of large earthquakes that have struck Pakistan over the past few weeks, the country’s scientists are debating how technology might help limit the devastation caused by future disasters.

A day before the first quake, which hit southwest Pakistan on 24 September, a collaboration between US and Pakistani geoscientists was announced.

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