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Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems make your life easier by simplifying the administration of your recruitment. But they can also do much more than that.


A good Applicant Tracking System will also:

  • Improve your candidate experience by making it easier to find vacancies that fit their profiles and also give them more visibility of how their applications are progressing
  • Enhance your employer brand by supporting a positive candidate journey experience
  • Filter applicants to help you focus on the applicants likely to offer the best fit to your organisation
  • Give you insights into your applicant profiles and the recruitment process
  • Achieve greater transparency and power up your reporting so you can share information more easily and quickly across your organisation
  • Ultimately, help you fill your vacancies more efficiently


What we offer

At Terra Firma Associates, we offer a configurable and scalable Applicant Tracking System to support your talent attraction, processing and hiring needs.  Our modular format means we can tailor the system closely to your actual needs, taking into account your existing processes.  Unless of course, you would like us to look at your existing process and see if anything can be optimised before moving to your new electronic system!

This modular approach also ensures that our solution is as cost effective as possible, as  you only pay for and create a system which delivers what you need.

We also know how little time you have and the upheaval that a new system can have on your operations during the transition phase when training is required.  We have invested considerable time in ensuring that our Systems are as user friendly as possible – both for our clients and for candidate, making the transition as smooth as possible.  

More about our ATS

Our Applicant Tracking System encompasses the full range of recruitment activities from job requisition to online posting, application submission by the candidate to applications management for the recruiter, dynamic screening and customised selection processes.  We have the ability to produce detailed reports at every step of the process so you can see exactly what works and what doesn’t in your candidate journey.

We also have experience of integrating the Applicant Tracking System into your recruitment website so candidates can easily find out about vacancies and, for example, be alerted when new suitable positions arise.

Finally, you’ll be glad to know, we also offer  various levels of integration with other ERP including Oracle ™, Peoplesoft and SAP. 

To learn more about how our Applicant Tracking System could help your recruitment, please contact us.


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