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Employer branding is everything you are. Your employment brand is your essence. So much more than the typeface, images and colours you use in your recruitment communications, employer branding tells people how your organisation operates and what working there is like. For future and existing and past employees, it’s equally important that you communicate clearly and live up to the promises of your internal employment branding.  Your employer brand plays a significant role in how you brand yourself overall, too and should help to communicate aspects of your beyond employment.

At Terra Firma, we work closely with clients to create, develop or fine tune employer brands. By making sure your employment branding is consistent across all channels, we ensure that you’re remembered. In turn, your employer branding will attract the right candidates who fit your organisation’s internal needs.

Employer Branding is the identification and communication of the attributes that make an organisation distinctive and attractive to those people who will feel an affinity with it and perform to their best within it. And when you add the international dimension, you are entering into a whole new level of complexity. You need to have a recognisable, understandable and relevant brand, that employees can engage with, whatever their background, language or culture.

Employer branding is deep. It’s internal branding. It’s organic. It is the expression of how it actually feels to work for your organisation. Employer branding expresses what employment at your organisation actually means. 

Employer brands are developed by using many of the research techniques that create and sustain the great consumer and corporate brands.  This means that what your internal branding says about the employment experience your organisation offers is based on objective fact, not subjective guesswork.  It should be consistent, compelling, authentic – and credible to your current as well as your potential employees.

An employer brand adds value to an enterprise and shows a return on its investment in two ways:

Employer branding decreases:

  • Time-wasting, inappropriate applications…
  • …and submissions from recruitment consultants
  • Premature departures
  • Anything that might interfere with a strong , coherent message
  • Spending money on mixed messages that don’t give you a confident market presence

Employer branding increases:

  • On-target applications
  • Acceptance/offer ratio
  • Spontaneous applications
  • Brand advocacy
  • Employee engagement 


At Terra Firma, we’ve developed employer branding for organisations large and small. Find out what we can do for your employment brand.

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