Social Media

People use social media more and more to share opinions, insights, experience and perspectives. Social media aren’t just changing our personal lives, but also the way we work, advertise and recruit. Increasingly, international organisations are “going social” and harnessing the opportunities presented by Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo and other platforms.

At Terra Firma, we understand the tools and possibilities social media has created and how audiences engage and interact with it. And most important: how to leverage this new media channel for your recruitment.

Based on researching the social media usage of your potential candidates, we will provide you with a clear framework for social media recruitment aligning to your Employer Brand. We develop a strategy leveraging the most effective tools for your organisation and recruitment challenges. If these are your first steps in the social world, we will can also help you develop a social media policy which sets the guidelines for future activities.

Depending on the strategy you implement, we can create social media advertising campaigns, pages and groups, from strategy to visual and copywriting. With the analytics available for social media we can monitor and optimise your social recruitment campaigns as well as gain extensive data about the effectiveness of advertising activities, from evaluating the return on your investment in terms of the number of people attracted to apply as well as building an understanding their journey through your recruitment website.  

Using social media for recruitment is not only characterised by highly targeted advertising, but the engagement in and with communities. This constant communication provides you with valuable insights into what potential candidates think about your organisation and how they act, e.g. when looking for career changes. In return, your presence on social media becomes a vital part of your (employer) branding.

Whether it's about advertising on social media channels, creating or enhancing your social network page or strategies to engage with online communities - we can support you in "going social".

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