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At Terra Firma, we understand website development. These days, web presence is more important than ever. Every candidate - and your own clients (if you have them) - will expect you to have an easily searchable website. And when they land on it they will expect it to be clearly designed, informative and useful to their needs. They need to be able to find what they are looking for easily and understand the next steps in the process (such as finding out more information or applying). For many, it will be the first resource they access to find out about you. That’s why robust website development is essential. 

Your web pages need to represent you. They need to speak for you. They need to be easy to navigate and give your target audience all the information they need in a useful format. But, these days, there’s more to it than a great design and lively copy on the page. Website development needs to be intelligent. Search Engine Optimisation, communicating through social media, blogging, news feeds, online advertising. The list, like the possibilities, grows by the day. 

Our close relationships with the digital media community mean we can offer the latest options in website development for recruitment communications. Job boards, SEO, paid search, social networking, blogging … all will be targeted to ensure you get your website viewed by the right candidates.

If you need website development, we’re here.  If you want your own recruitment site, our team has worked on a variety of projects, from simple one page microsites all the way to complete end-to-end candidate-management recruitment systems. Need integration with your ERP? No problem. Whatever your web needs, we can develop them. In any language you need it. Or several if you are truly as international as your credentials state.

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